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Relaunch 2017

written by Julia Lundin July 16, 2017


This is the 4th redesign of my website in 4 years of blogging. I guess it’s only normal to have your style and taste evolve once a year. There always comes a day when I wake up and realise that the layout of my blog doesn’t represent me any longer and so the long process of planning, researching and designing starts. And so here is the latest update and the new home to my content. There are so many trips, projects and beautiful shoots happening soon that I am ecstatic to be passionate about the process of creating blog posts again! I have also added new categories for TRAVEL and VIDEOS as well as some major SHOP enhancements.

Oh and a couple of words about this wonderful location! I wanted to shoot in lavender fields for years now – always wrongfully assuming that I need to go to France to be able to do that. But thanks to the Time Out app I accidentally found one just an hour drive away. Isn’t this place magical ♥

And thank you guys for your continuous support and love!

Photography by PATRIK LUNDIN

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