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My make up routine is pretty much always the same. I love to try and play with different brands, textures and shades, but the steps always remain the same. I also never wear too much make up and never like it too thick. I prefer the skin to look like skin, everything to be well blended and looking very natural. For the below make up I tested Giorgio Armani Neo nude collection for the first time and mixed it with some of my long-standing favourite products. I have linked all of them below for you to buy.


make up
my quick every day make up



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Foundation: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude True-to-Skin Natural Glow foundation in shade 6

Concealer: Rodial Diamond Concealer in shade 30

Contour: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-contour in shade 20

Highlighter: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-highlight in shade 11

Blush: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-blush in colour 30

Powder: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Fusion Powder in shade 8

Brow pencil: Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brunette

Eyeliner: Kevyn Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner in Basic Black

Mascara: Lancome Monsieur Big in shade 02

Lipstick: Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm in shade 1

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Can an app help you find out whether your favourite beauty brands and products use ingredients that are toxic for you? Or whether or not they are involved in animal testing? Is it possible to pick a perfect perfume scent through an app?  Today I want to show you 5 beauty apps that can do all of that and more.

Think Dirty – Shop Clean

Think Dirty is the easiest way to learn about the potentially toxic ingredients in your cosmetics and personal care products. It’s an independent source that allows you to compare products as you shop. Just scan the product barcode and Think Dirty will give you easy-to-understand info on the product, track dirty ingredients, and shop for cleaner options.

think dirty app

download for IOS

download for Android

Bunny Free

Check if a company is cruelty-free. Bunny Free lets you search for companies by name and tells you whether or not they test on animals.

Bunny Free app

download for IOS

download for Android

Sommelier du Parfum

Sommelier du Parfum, the in-depth guide into the perfume world. The app learns about your tastes and creates a bespoke selection of the best matching scents – out of over 10,000 as well as finding the closest stores where you can test them. It also teaches you how fragrances are created and how to get the most out your scents.

Sommelier du Parfum app

download for IOS

download for Android

UVLens – UV Index

Exposure to sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation (UV) can damage your skin, cause sunburn and increase your risk of skin cancer. UVLens shows you when you need to take care and when you can safely enjoy the sun.

UVLens app

download for IOS

download for Android

Sleep Cycle – Sleep Better

Getting enough rest is an essential step in your beauty routine and Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep patterns and gets analysis that helps you get a good night’s sleep and better overall health.

Sleep Cycle app

download for IOS

download for Android

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It might be boring, or it might just be ‘my’ thing, but I wear all shades of nude lip colours 98% of the time (you can spot me wearing red for extra special evening events). It’s always been this way and, perhaps, I have J.Lo to thank for this. Therefore, I have spent years searching, testing and collecting the most perfect shades of nude in both lipsticks and lip glosses. Here is a round up of the products I am using these days.

p.s. I love glossy lips so I often wear lip gloss over the lipstick for the extra shine.


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Tiffany Ice Rink, London

Don’t worry if you still haven’t got all Chrismtas gifts sorted. It’s not too late! Below are some suggestions for various budgets.

Happy shopping!




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Ever worried that you don’t contribute to charity work enough? Perhaps you’ve done more than you know by buying from and supporting these 5 beauty brands. In times when saving our nature and contributing to the promotion of good, love and kindness in the world is more important than ever below you can read what these beauty giants do to make our planet better.


No bees no life. Did you know this? Einstein said that without bees we would have just four year to live. And currently, with these important pollinators being under a danger of extinction his words may just be more relevant than ever.

In October this year I had a pleasure of attending Guerlain x UNESCO conference in Paris to witness their promise to train new beekeepers, create beekeeping affiliates across the world and measure the benefits of the pollination in the biosphere reserves. It’s an important step to add to Guerlain’s already extensive work towards protecting bees as well as their approach to sustainable development of the brand.

guerlain x unesco


This vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable hair care brand from Sweden is certified by The Vegan Society, PETA and Leaping Bunny and are working together with Zeromission and Plan Vivo. Maria Nila also support project Taking Root which collaborates with farmers in some of the poorest parts of the world for reforestation of forests. So when you buy their products, you contribute to planting new trees to our world.

On top of that the brand is working with The Perfect World Foundation which raises awareness and improves wildlife protection worldwide.


Famous for their luxury skincare La Mer do a lot to help protect marine habitats across the globe. Through awareness-raising initiatives and charitable donations by La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund in support of ocean conservation projects, they strive to ensure a future with flourishing seas for generations to come. Launched in 2017 the Blue Heart Oceans Fund has already supported conservation initiatives in The Azores, Grenada and East China Sea.


You probably know their beauty elixir, but did you also know that Caudalie has been a member of the “1% for the Planet” network since 2012 and thus contributes 1% of its worldwide turnover to organisations working to protect the environment? Over on their website you can see a live count of the trees that were planted and commited (which at the time of writing this is 6 800 939) They promise to plant over 8 million trees in 8 countries by 2021.


Natural beauty expert, Origins, believe that it’s important to give back to nature as much as nature gives to us. That’s why, in 2009, they launched a tree-planting program in partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf. Together, they have aided reforestation efforts around the world and continue to Green The Planet one tree at a time.

Info and images sources: Guerlain, Maria Nila, La Mer, Caudalie, Origins
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Hey guys! Hope eveyone is having a lovely weekend! Today I wanted to show you how I do my everyday make up using my favourite Tom Ford products. This post isn’t an advert and is not sponsored, I just genuinely love these beauty essentials and wanted to share my admiration with you.

I’ve never been much into experimenting with my make up (an eyeshadow here, an eyeliner there is as far as it goes) and even though I accumulated a huge beauty products collection over the years I would always stick to using only few of my personal favourites. My everyday essentials always include a concealer, a bronzer, a brow pencil, an eyeliner, a blush and a highlighter, a mascara and a nude lipstick. I don’t use a liquid foundation as I find that a concealer and bronzer duo is enough for me. I like to look sunkissed and quite natural. So all shades of nudes are definitely my favourite make up colours.

My make up routine never takes me longer than 10 minutes. And so I wanted to show you how I do it and which products I am using to achieve my everyday look. I am really not an expert in make up, but I perfected my routine over the years to the point that I can do it with my eyes closed. I am linking all the Tom Ford pieces that are currently in my cosmetic bag so you can click and buy them straight away.

To be honest with you, Tom Ford changed the way I look at the luxury make up products and proved to me what a huge difference they can make. I am absolutely obsessed by their brow sculptor, concealer (never found anything better yet) and nude lipsticks. I have already finished one or two of each and had to immediately replace them with the same ones because they are that good!

So don’t judge my little preview too critically as I am not a beauty expert but I tried to show you the reality of my easy make up routine. Let me know if you have questions.

Photography by Patrik Lundin

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Givenchy and The Ritz. There is no better way to experience each of them than by mixing them together. And so when I got invited to spend the night at what must be one of the most legendary and luxurious hotels in the world, I was all in.

The reason for this chicness was to celebrate the launch of Givenchy new fragrance Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum which is now successfully topping the list of my top 3 favourite fragrances that I own. Surrounded by so many other magnificent treats from Givenchy beauty which suited The Ritz glamorous and golden interior so perfectly I had an unforgettable day and night.

Photography by Patrik Lundin

TIFFANY & CO bracelet

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Who doesn’t love a day dedicated to all things beautiful and healthy? I definitely do and so was more than excited to spend a whole day with Braun Beauty this week. But let me tell you about it step by step.

On Wednesday me and three other lovely bloggers met in London’s St.Martin’s Lane Hotel and headed straight into one of the beautiful suites to meet the Braun team. The main reason for our gathering was to learn everything about the new Braun Face facial epilator and cleansing brush. After hearing all about it’s functions and purposes I must say that it’s quite a magical brush! It helps you with everything from getting rid of unnecessary little hairs to exfoliating your skin and applying your foundation. This powerful device can become really irreplaceable in your daily facial routine. You can choose between four different heads all of which help with a different step in your beauty preparations. You can start by using an epilator and tidying up your brows for example, then proceed to the deep cleanse and exfoliation, you can massage your moisturiser in with the help of either the sensitive brush or a sponge and finish by applying your liquid foundation. Throughout the whole process you are stimulating your skin and making it healthier, radiant and more toned than ever.

So after a tasty lunch, followed by a healthy snack masterclass (where we made our own protein and nutrient balls) we were on to the most exciting part of the day – trying the Braun Face! I used it for cleansing my face, applying my moisturiser and foundation and, honestly, it left me feeling like I had just spent an hour in the spa, when in reality it was quick yet so efficient and pleasant! It was a perfect preparation for the night out ahead of me! Who doesn’t want to have a glowing skin?

I hope you guys enjoy the diary from my day with Braun and please let me know if you have any questions about the brush. I am using mine every day now!

Julia xo
derekbremner.com 1472
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derekbremner.com 1802
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derekbremner.com 1813
derekbremner.com 1885
derekbremner.com 1513
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derekbremner.com 2355
derekbremner.com 2396
derekbremner.com 2393
derekbremner.com 2415

derekbremner.com 2391
Photography by Derek Bremner

Braun Face is available in Boots for £49.99

*In collaboration with Braun Beauty

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Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last beauty post! Going to do more of these now! We shot this fun hair look last week and I thought it would be handy to show you how it’s done as it’s quite manageable to do it yourself. It’s kind of half bun and half braid which looks great and gives edginess to any outfit. As we all know braids are a massive trend lately and this braided bun is a fresh take on it.

Let me know if you try and recreate it and how it goes x



Photography by Patrik Lundin
Hair by Maria Galati and Mattia Esposito

ZARA t-shirt
BIG STAR dungarees

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PL2_1418Hey guys! This is a very exciting project that I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you. I have teamed up with Vera Wang Fragrances latest perfume called ‘Hippie Princess’ to share with you my ultimate summer hippie look. When I think about hippie fashion and lifestyle I imagine bright colours, intricate prints, flowers and a free spirit. I imagine happy and carefree people who love nature and take care of each other. These are the qualities that I aspire to have in life and I couldn’t be happier to show you my version of who the Hippie Princess is and how she looks like.

I do believe that all of us need to unleash their inner hippie once in a while, take a step back from our daily worries, forget about everything, leave technology behind and just enjoy life! And with hippie fashion being back in trend there couldn’t be a better excuse to do so. If this isn’t enough to inspire you guys, here is the quote from Vera Wang herself: “I was once a hippie, so creating Hippie Princess came very naturally. While being a hippie was a very political statement in the 1960’s and 1970’s, now it is a huge stylistic statement. It’s a fashion trend. It’s about being spirited, carefree, and cool.” 

Hippie Princess perfume definitely helped me unleash my inner hippie and I hope it will have the same effect on you too. After all, it’s summer, it’s fun and it’s freedom, so what’s stopping you?

Peace and love,

Julia xo

PL2_1582PL2_1877PL2_2028PL2_1328PL2_1699PL2_1957PL2_1658PL2_1488Photography by Patrik Lundin

Vera Wang Hippie Princess perfume is available to buy HERE

ZARA dress
H&M flower crown
H&M and NEW YORKER accessoriesPL2_1838

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